View Full Version : Anybody ever heard of VRML?

Pi Man
2003-Aug-18, 10:03 PM
Hey. Guys! I'm looking for a good book on the latest version of VRML. Is the latest VRML 97? Or is there a newer one now?

For those of you that don't know what VRML is: VRML stands for Virtual Reality Modeling Language. It's a language for making 3D objects, areas, worlds, etc... It's really cool!

If you want a VRML plugin for your browser (works with IE and Netscape) you can go here (http://www.parallelgraphics.com/products/cortona/).

Many many thanks to anybody that can recommend a good book on the newest version of VRML!

Jack Higgins
2003-Aug-18, 10:10 PM
And if you want to check out some great VRML models of spacecraft visit the Russian Virtual Space Museum (http://vsm.host.ru/e_vrml.htm)

Warning: some don't work...

2003-Aug-19, 02:22 AM
i remeber this. this was huge years ago. :-) brings back good momories.

Pi Man
2003-Aug-19, 04:43 AM
i remeber this. this was huge years ago. :-) brings back good momories.

Yeah. It has kindof lost popularity. It's still really cool though. I've made quite a few little items in VRML. It's a really fun language!

Mr. X
2003-Aug-19, 04:43 AM
Oh yeah, this was all the rage... back in 1993... :lol:

2003-Aug-19, 05:25 AM
I did VRML import and export interfaces for 3d software some ten years ago. But since five years I'm in a different business (databases). I knew the 3d hype some years ago was a hype, but today it seems to be even below of what would make sense. Havn't read very much about VRML and others very often in the recent years.

Pi Man
2003-Aug-19, 05:45 AM

Mr. X
2003-Aug-19, 12:13 PM
Hey it's not that bad... it just isn't really all that great either...

It went like this for me... played DooM, saw VRML, tried VRML, went back to DooM.

Tell you what Pi Man, when you're ready for 3D programming, try C/C++ with GLUT (GL utility toolkit) for some cool OpenGL fun. Many people just don't know where to start, and this is a really good place, since you won't have to deal with the cumbersome WinAPI.

And when you feel you're hot enough to undertake something new, try out SDL.

You can ask me for advice and help on GLUT a lot, I tried to make programs in C++ that could help me understand what was going on, so I can give you code examples and general orientation.

If you think you can't undetake GLUT and C++ yet, just remember that Kenneth Silverman had already written the Build Engine for Duke Nukem 3D by your age, Pi Man. :P