View Full Version : Large Hadron Collider Could Create Wormholes: a Gateway for Time Travelers?

2008-Feb-07, 11:00 AM
As we get closer to the grand opening of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) near Geneva, Switzerland, it seems the predictions as to what we might get from the high energy particle accelerator are becoming more complex and outlandish. Not only could the LHC generate enough energy to create particles that exist in other dimensions, [...]

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2008-Feb-07, 12:37 PM
Woudn't a (classical) wormhole require both a traditional and negative mass singularity? How are you going to get the negative mass one by dumping massive positive amounts of energy into particles?

And I thought neutron stars were made of quite visible matter that still had the strong force to hold conventional nuclear particles apart?