View Full Version : Real-time solar storm warning now operational, protecting astronauts and satillites

2008-Feb-14, 04:30 AM
Highly energetic solar particles are generated by solar flares and can be harmful to astronauts and sensitive satellite circuits. Solar flares are most likely to occur during periods of heightened solar activity (i.e. during solar maximum at the peak of the 11 year solar cycle), and future manned missions will need to be highly cautious [...]

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2008-Feb-14, 03:40 PM
Using electrons (and possibly neutrinos) as forewarners of more hazardous particles being on the way is welcome news. I am convinced that the only way to do sufficiently robust interstellar transportation is to install 10^19 watt power collection stations in close to the sun in polar orbits where the "advance notice" of incoming hazards will be essential. During intense CMEs such stations will have to "cover up" until the particle cloud passes to prevent damage to the solar cells from the particles. Designing the protective cover and the process by which it can be rapidly emplaced will make the life of design engineers very interesting.

I wonder if those objects we have heretofore thought were hot Jupiters have been installed near their parent star by those engineers to handle the heat in support of power collection stations to supply energy for whatever they are up to.