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2003-Aug-21, 01:49 AM
At one of my club's public viewing nights several years ago, a young man who came to the pvn asked if any of us had seen any close up spacecraft pictures of Straight Wall? Well we all had to admit that none of us had. And he explained the reason we would never see one, is of course, because it was built by alians. :o And NASA is covering it up.:roll: And the fact that our pvn was scheduled just a couple of days after new moon didn't help his frame of mind because that formation was not yet visible. He eventually wondered away, and we all got a good laugh. :lol: Years later, after getting wired to the net, I have done a couple of searches for Straight Wall, and lo and behold I have yet to find a good picture of it. I found one from A-16, but it wasn't quite good enough to prove one way or the other. #-o I found one article on the net that said "Lunar Orbiter photos prove Straight Wall is a natural formation." But the author didn't bother to link to a photo. :cry: Anyone know of a site where I can find one? Anyway we're having a Mars watch this weekend, and I can't wait to see what comes out of the wordwork.

2003-Aug-21, 02:49 AM
Try this




or this one from NASA's Lunar Orbiter


or this other one from NASA's Lunar Orbiter


I don't think there is an Apollo photo of this region, because the CSM didn't pass over this region. As I recall, the CSM orbited at +- 15 degrees and the Straight Wall is at -22 degrees.

snake river rufus
2003-Aug-21, 12:09 PM
I guess that I have not been going to star parties long enough to meet these folks( or the wood work is too thick for them to escape from), but I'm waiting to meet my first!