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2008-Feb-28, 11:43 AM
To start this off, I haven't been active for a while, but this morning I had a really intriguing, yet worrying dream.

No racism please -

We know a Colonel, a Colonel Greg, who was in the Hitler Youth. He's a Meteorologist and an Astronomer, and has a 4,000 telescope, I don't know the make, or serial number, or anything so I apologise :lol:
Although when looking at the moon, we got into a conversation about the Canis Major constellation. Now this has always intrigued me, from the first moment I found out what Sirius was. To my young understanding, it's the or one of, the closest stars to us, bar our own. Right? :doh:
Anyway, he told me, that soon, or in the eight light-year gap we can view the star, Sirius will go Supernova. Now that's his word, he didn't chuck me a thousand Wikipedia links, or text books to back up his claims, he just told me that's what he knows to happen in future 'coming. So, technically, rationally, logically, anyway you look at it, if Sirius was to go critical, we wouldn't be very well off, no? Radiation effects, dark matter?
I don't know. I'm not an astronomer.
Though this topic will lose all credibility from here on in.

I had a dream this morning, that I could see Sirius [Orion and Canis Major being the only two constellations I ever scan the skies for], and it was a Red Giant, though only I could see it. I really should've checked the whole constellation before typing out this thread, to back up this next part...
Sirius was being orbited by a bright, red, flashing object, about 3/4 the size of Sirius, and was orbiting at a shocking rate, in my dream, it was making a complete orbit every, 20 seconds? I know that's scientifically impossible, or something. I'm not too hot on cast-iron facts.
Anyway, the object was giving off Pulsars, which I knew Humans could pick up on, and understand as being a signal. Now, I think I may have seen two shiny red planets above Sirius as well, but it was a dream, and anything can happen. Though the planets were shining red due to the reflecting of light, which wouldn't necessarily make them red, I know.
To get back on the subject I set out to discuss, can anyone tell me, what Sirius' situation is in our skies, and if it's possible it could turn completely red? If so, my dream might mean more to me, than a kid who thinks too much. Though the object pulsating around the star, almost gave the impression it was a machine, or device, trying to communicate with us, or any other intelligent life-forms out there - for help, or to tell us[?] the machine is trying to fix the star, and all should exercise caution?

I might be thinking about a simple, dream, too much here, maybe I'm on the wrong site, or topic haha.
This would probably fit more at home in my recycle bin eh? :dance:
But I feel, this might get a response, negative, positive, or helpful in anyway.
Who knows?

Thank you for your time :D

2008-Feb-28, 12:14 PM
I'm guessing you misunderstood Col. Greg. Either that, or he was misinformed. Sirius is about 8 light years away, and if it had exploded as a supernova any time in the last eight years we wouldn't know because we are seeing it as it was eight years ago... BUT Sirius A is too small to become a supernova, and Sirius B is a white dwarf orbiting too far away from Sirius A to ever acquire enough mass to become a type 1a supernova.

2008-Feb-28, 08:09 PM
No racism please -

Now now, "I have a dream!" isn't considered racism (yet). ;)