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2008-Mar-02, 05:25 PM
I mostly use the newspaper to read in the evening spare time, otherwise it is difficult to read it in day time, during the soujourn of globalization no one is getting proper time to utilize for reading the newspaper. Even I have observed that most of us are just overlooking the newspaper and keeping it as it it, the childrens eighter torn it or just scatter the pages here and there in the home.

Most of the people read the newspaper's articles, most of them read only astrology news, most of them read only sport news and tv schedule for the day on the newspaper.

But I have never seen the astronomy newspaper daily, only seen some magzines but who mostly gives the news of astronomy in the fortnight.

Finally newspaper has some value in our life, please now tell me your experience about newspapers. How many of you read how many newspapers daily, ( I just read 5 different newspapers daily).

Today's newspaper printing quality is so much improved, the transformation is changing every year in this industry. A book like newspaper is quite suitable to handle in the journey, the large and bulky newspapers are pretty difficult to take during the journey and is also difficult to read in the speed (flying in the bus, and it is tedious to control the newspapers in the bus).

2008-Mar-02, 06:19 PM
well, when I was a teenager, I was keen on page 3 of the Sun.

2008-Mar-02, 08:11 PM
The New York Times prints a "Sky Watch" panel in the back of the main section on Sundays.

Bearded One
2008-Mar-04, 12:45 AM
The Internet has pretty much killed newspapers for me. I may still read one if I find one laying around, but I haven't bought one in years. I actually like newspapers, but they have become impractical. The shear volume of paper is problematic, to much garbage to haul out. They don't fit well on my desks either, both at home and at work. They always were a cafeteria or kitchen table type of thing. I rarely eat in a cafeteria anymore, and I don't have any chairs around my kitchen table at home :o

2008-Mar-04, 02:31 AM
Newspapers going online was probably the best thing. I like Globe and Mail, NY times and The Guardian. When I was staying at my aunt's house in england I decided to pick up a Guardian, because I wanted more then the gossip and smut that was delivered (Mirror and Sun) When they saw what I had brought I was called "posh."

2008-Mar-04, 04:01 AM
I love the feel of the newsprint. I enjoy the walk to the curb in the morning to retrieve the paper. I like organizing the sections in the order in which I'll later read them. I enjoy taking a cup of coffee and the paper to the patio on a spring morning. I like finding a nondescript but informative/entertaining article I'd overlook online.

I read the hard news in the morning, before leaving for work, and save the sports, comics and features for the evening, after I get home. In the morning, I'm in the recliner; in the evening, I may spread the paper on the floor and stretch out with it.

Yeah, the online edition can provide all the same information, but the print format... ah, the format!

2008-Mar-06, 12:06 AM
Yeah, print is nice. You can cut out the stuff you like and recycle the rest.