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Occams Ghost
2008-Mar-10, 08:09 PM
When i first came here, i got a warm welcome, with many people saying they enjoyed what i write. Not only that, but i never found anyone really rejecting the science i brought forward.

Recently in the process of writing an essay in ATM forum (which i think it shouldn't really be there, but i put it there nontheless), i've been spammed by site-users saying that certain information i provided was nothing but.... Dog <inappropriate language removed>, in so many words.

I would love to find the time to prove them wrong, but they can't even find the time themselves to look these things up on the net themselves, or even buy a basic book on physics or take a basic course...

Now with that all aside, what is it you want to know from me>/ It can be anything. Questions about how i view physics, my education, age, where i live anything. But keep your questions at a minimum please. I hope this might clear some misconceptions up.

2008-Mar-10, 08:19 PM
Which thread was spammed?

2009-Jan-16, 12:58 AM
Go to

I got banned, but, I don't care.

So getting banned is one above is something too experience.