View Full Version : Relief as Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) Propulsion System is Fixed

2008-Mar-12, 10:10 AM
Problems struck the brand new ESA Automatic Transfer Vehicle (ATV) at 260km above the Earth shortly after it was launched into orbit on Sunday. Seven of the 28 attitude control jets and a main engine shut down unexpectedly, forcing the craft to switch to backup systems. The panic has now subsided as commands sent from [...]

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2008-Mar-13, 01:58 AM

I was near heart sick when I read the engines malfunctioned. That is such a good idea, the ATV that is, that I was rooting for it for a long time now. (Yeah, I'm a fan of the "automated" approach to space exploration, and this will only help.) I even like the disposal method. Orbit over to an empty patch of the Pacific, take the WORST possible re-entry path...