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2002-Mar-12, 11:13 AM
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4myself i'd say that i see no way that for 23.23 E
{if true?} there could be the short shadows in the book
that are easily seen in the books photo's. those/ NOTE map
angles would have been nearer2 at least another/ conclusion
30 deg {60 hrs} progression, long after RETURN/ AS Time B4
[1:55 P.M.EDT] ei twenty-fifth[25] Orbit . Space
47min per 1/2 rev [some number likeunto 95 min orB} .
94*25=2350min /60?= 40 hrs? Somewhere theres a HUGE Miss .
TAKE. Con.. & the shadows shown CAN NOT be from 7/20.23.23 { read other Moon.1st }

2002-Mar-12, 11:17 AM
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Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA

[8 AURA, a non-profit corporation chartered under the la
tate of Arizona, was formed in 19
Suite 350
1200 New York Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20005.

s a university management group
peration of both the Space Tele
as founded in 1981, and the [9]
5:10 A.M. PST

2003-Feb-03, 02:50 PM
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On 2002-03-12 06:17, HUb' wrote: To? 6:51 A.M.3-2-03 HUb'
the back slash is found on this keyboard
on the bottom row of keys {above the space bar}
onthe "FAR LEFT" {one key to the left of Z}
theres also a shift key to the left of
however its colored & shaped differently
so i donot count it in key / row count ?
the forward slash key / occupies the far Right
key {on this keyboard} in the same bottom row
I like this arangement better than others
the complete sequence of key strokes for
the bottom row of this keyboard are:
{spaces inserted for claritys sake}
Z X C V B N M , . / aka the Z row
pun intended.. 6:59 A.M. now back to Waited maters of other posters