View Full Version : Viewing Mars?

2003-Aug-28, 11:29 AM
i am just wondering, Mars is still going to be very bright for the next week or so right? bright enough to see clearly? because i missed it yesterday because on tues, i flew back form a trip to Paris, and i still have Jet Lag (i went to bed at 8 last night - my body felt like it was 2 am!) so will i still be able to see Mars tonight or the next after it?

2003-Aug-28, 11:46 AM
Mars already looked nice since a few weeks and will continue to be in good visibility for several more weeks.

Use e.g. the Solar System Simulator (http://space.jpl.nasa.gov) to see. Currently, Mars has a diameter of 25.1", in one month it will still be 21.2"

2003-Aug-28, 01:03 PM
Yes, and actually, it's been visible most of the summer, taking its own sweet time to move into that magical August 27th "Every 60,000 years!" position--it's just that here in the Midwest at least you had to go out at, like, 2 a.m. in order to see it. Part of the excitement in my neck of the woods involves the fact that this week it's easily visible before Average Adult Bedtime, you don't have to set your alarm and get up in the wee hours in order to see it...

2003-Aug-28, 01:08 PM
Up until now (well, later, opposition is still a couple days away), Earth has been catching up with Mars. For the next little while, we'll both be moving in the same direction, so it'll tend to stay with us in the earlier evening sky.