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2008-Mar-19, 02:40 PM
Sir Arthur C. Clarke, writer, inventor and visionary, has died from heart failure at age 90. A master of science fiction, Clarke was known most for his futuristic book 2001 published in 1968, which was subsequently made into a landmark movie. Clarke wrote scores of fiction and non-fiction books, more than 100 [...]

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2008-Mar-20, 03:35 PM
He was truly a great mind. Rendezvous with Rama, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Childhood's End are my absolute favorite sci-fi novels. Brilliant.

A pity his passing is only getting a blurb of attention in the mainstream media. If it were a certain young pop star, the entire world would be convulsing with 24/7 media coverage for a month solid...

Thank you for everything, Sir Clarke.