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2003-Aug-31, 05:15 AM
It seems Nancy is the one who gets the most attention nowadays but I was just wondering what hazlewood ahs been doing these past few months I really haven't heard anything about him. Is he cooking up new ways to sell his book?

2003-Aug-31, 10:40 PM
Last I heard, he was busy banning the BA 8) from his board [-(

The Bad Astronomer
2003-Sep-01, 12:13 AM
Hazlewood is busy being James McCanney's sycophant. Even if McCanney were within the Galaxy's width of being correct (and he's off more than that), the display of supplication by Hazlewood would be embarrassing. As it is, it's beyond any words I can find. Hazlewood needs to have some sort of authority-figure on which to hang his nonsense, and since Nancy booted him out of the Zeta crowd, he has found McCanney.

2003-Sep-02, 02:08 AM
Yep, what the BA said. Here's his latest (for a few ROFL):

-----------------------Start Paste

From: "planetx2003" <planetx2003@y...>
Date: Sat Aug 30, 2003 7:38 pm
Subject: Disinfo-crew continuing to censor/tamper with this egroup

Disinfo-crew continuing to censor/tamper with this egroup

There have been over 600 messages put out on this egroup since its
inception. 10-20% of these have involved explaining what the
MIL/CIA/NASA hired disinfo-crew have been up to either suppressing
the planet x books, nay-saying and tampering with equipment at the
lectures or radio shows, hassling family members, fabricating
character assassinations, forming their own earth change websites to
create doubt, physically following people around, killing
scientists, negatively effecting legit websites or tampering with
(censoring, bouncing, fraudulently posting messages, adding viruses
to etc...) on the few honest egroups, their subscribers and their
messages.[This is most definitely the short list] McCanney gets all
the same treatment and more. Many that have been here for many
months know the reality of this first hand. Others that are new are
not familiar with all this, question that rogue elements even exist
in and around their own gov't that would do such a thing. Some of
this sounds like so much nit-picking and yet the totality of what
they do around the clock is enormous.
Never did this understanding of how much of this works awaken until
presenting this material became the focus. This was only about 4-5
years ago! In my early forties there was little knowledge of this
whole world of information manipulation, suppression, and censorship
existed first hand as such. So, there's full appreciation and
understanding given to anyone here that is naive to the situation,
thinks it sounds unbelievable, or has some patriotic stance that
doesn't allow considering it.

For those of you who are getting these messages consider yourself
lucky. Several reports have lately come in (from people who now
check the website regularly because of the possibility of being
bounced) from subscribers not receiving but a few of the messages
each month being put out on this egroup. They are finding they are
still subscribed, not having been bounced, but the messages are just
not getting to them unless the go to the website and find them
there. These are people that are subscribed to receive individual or
digest emails.


* * *

After posting the message about James McCanney's hurricane knowledge
the second time, the first message I put gets posted second. This is
not the first time this has happened. Sometimes the disinfo-crew
holds up the first message until after they know I'm going to keep
posting that same message indefinitely until one of them shows up.
You'll notice the first message arrived last, after the second one
on the egroup website.

* * *

The significance of all this is clearly that Planet X and its
entourage are a reality the PTB don't want many to know about or
take seriously if they do. They fear public panic and above all
losing their power and money. Over the years now, the disinfo-crew
has become so obvious they and their work represent another piece of
the grand mosaic of evidence. All this effort used to counter
this knowledge would only be in place for reality.

* * *

For those who have not listened to McCanney's radio show August 28,
another two moon-size comets (orbiting each other) slipped by the
FABRICATORS, and was seen clearly on camera C3 slamming into the sun
and causing a full coronal mass ejection in the last few days. This
indeed had an affect on Earth.

------------------------------------------------- End Paste

The only other message up there was some rant about underwater ruins - replete with McCanney references again.

<edited for spelling>

2003-Sep-02, 03:16 AM
Boy...their paranoia runs deep. It's amazing that they can actually get out of bed in the morning without suspecting a plot against them.

Yep, we're all out to get them (as if we don't have better things to do).

The Bad Astronomer
2003-Sep-02, 04:25 AM
It sounds more like marketing than paranoia. :-)

His claims are so ridiculous it amazes me. I too have a Yahoo group, so I know what a pain it is to post stuff. I'll try to send out a newsletter, and Yahoo loses it to the aether, so I have to repost it, only to find the first one popping up later. This isn't some nefarious government scheme, it's a combination of network lag and Yahoo's terrible software.

Hazlewood loves making these claims that he is oh-so-oppressed, but many times it's his own doing that messes him up (like the Io fiasco). I wish I could blame my own bumbling missteps on a Huge Evil Organization. :P

2003-Sep-02, 05:30 AM
i guess everything now is a cause of the disinfo agents....

that would explain my cable going out...

of course the latest storm could have caused that...but i want to be ignorant.....sad have people been that blind as not to see 99.99999 percent..is normal.....


2003-Sep-02, 11:12 AM
"I wish I could blame my own bumbling missteps on a Huge Evil Organization."

Microsoft. :P

2003-Sep-02, 05:53 PM
I tend to blame all those evil amateur astronomers for my cable going out - oh, and all the Tesla and Scalar weapons being tested.... :D