View Full Version : Ep. 81: Questions on the Shape Size and Centre of the Universe

2008-Mar-24, 04:10 PM
As predicted we got a lot of questions from people about our trilogy of shows on the size, shape and centre of the universe. Today we'll do our best to clear them all up.As always, if you're still confused drop us an email to info at astronomycast dot com.http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/astronomycast/~4/257105657

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2008-Apr-23, 02:26 AM
Fraser: Questions on the Size, Shape, and Centre of the Universe
-- I introduced a thread entitled "The Shape of the Universe", am still receivign responses to it, and I posted comments on and received responses to my postings on threads entitled "Ep. 78: What is the shape of the Universe?", Ep. 79: "How Big is the Universe", and "Ep. 77: Where is the centre of the Universe?" I suggest that viewers interested in these subjects not only post comments on this thread but also look into the above threads.