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2008-Mar-24, 06:00 PM
Testing a boomerang in space might look and sound trivial, but it’s an exciting physics experiment that helps scientists to understand the dynamics of flight in microgravity. And now, one aspect of the “boomerang in space” question has finally been tested and answered. Japanese astronaut Takao Doi "threw a boomerang and saw [...]

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2008-Mar-27, 03:10 AM
"Charmed, I'm sure..." :)
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...Tibor says:
March 26th, 2008
This has been the third time a boomerang has been thrown in space now.
Takao Doi just confirmed what French astronaut Jean Francois Cleroy found in 1997 (on MIR) and German Astronaut Ulf Meerbold found in 1992 (on Spacelab).

Ronald Brak
2008-Mar-28, 07:14 AM
I imagine the research will be used to build a robot that can battle Gai-jin Boomerang Girl Hunter in Ueno park.