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2008-Apr-01, 12:44 PM
I have a question about planets, or any satellite in fact, and how they behave i orbits. Is it possible to have a planet orbiting on one plane, and another planet orbiting a star perpendicular to the first planet? If so, does anyone know how they would look in the sky to each other? Thanks!

2008-Apr-01, 01:37 PM
Yes indeed , this is possible . The orbit of the second (and primary ) may vary after some while due to the Kozai effect .
Herunder is an animation of such an orbit .
The animation was done with the Gravity Simulator freely available under www.orbitsimulator.com

2008-Apr-01, 04:32 PM

2008-Apr-01, 05:16 PM
you're welcome ( also on the forum)