View Full Version : Jobs Eliminated as Shuttle Program Transitions to Constellation

2008-Apr-02, 02:40 PM
As the space shuttle program winds down and NASA transitions to the new Constellation program, more than 8,000 NASA contractor jobs in the manned space program could be eliminated after 2010, the U.S. space agency said at a press briefing on April 1, 2008. A NASA report sent to Congress predicts that between [...]

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2008-Apr-02, 03:08 PM
One of the benefits of the Constellation program was supposed to be that it was less expensive and less complicated to launch than the shuttle. You'd have to have guessed that that would mean lost jobs.

2008-Apr-02, 11:36 PM
Let's hope The Enemies of BAUT never read this article. We don't want to give them ammunition.