View Full Version : Top Ten Episode Idea

2008-Apr-05, 04:43 AM
After listening to the space junk episode, I was thinking that a lot of that junk has brought us a whole lot of understanding of the Universe and science in general. So I thought an episode of the top ten space missions (eg: Voyager, Hubble, WMAP, etc) and of course why they are in the top 10, what science we learned and what shocking revelations etc.

Blah Blah Blah, you get the point.

2008-Apr-05, 06:43 AM
In the immortal words of Robert Plant, "I am not a prisoner of your hit parade". I believe there are far too many "Top Ten" lists and no need to rate things to that extent. It is all so fleeting and utimately meaningless.

Just my no vote, my personal opinion. Enjoy yourselves.