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2008-Apr-12, 12:20 AM
On Friday Russian officials unveiled a monument to Laika, the pioneering dog that led the way to manned spaceflight on November 3rd, 1957. Her little memorial is a model dog standing atop a rocket near a military research facility in Moscow. When she made the historic flight into space on board Sputnik II, very little [...]

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2008-Apr-12, 02:03 AM
A lot of articles didn't have a picture of the statue.

This one did: USA Today OnDeadline blog: Top dog: Laika honored for being first in space (http://blogs.usatoday.com/ondeadline/2008/04/top-dog-laika-h.html) as did CBC News: Russia opens monument to space dog, Laika, who paved way for humans in space (http://www.cbc.ca/cp/world/080411/w041181A.html).

Wikipedia: Laika (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laika)

Good dog.

2008-Apr-12, 01:08 PM
Very good dog.

2008-Apr-13, 11:49 PM
It would be funny if guinea pigs were not included as space "guinea pigs".

There is little supporting evidence to this, but, according to this list (http://history.nasa.gov/SP-4209/appb.htm), guinea pigs went up in 1961 on Sputnik IV.