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2008-Apr-20, 12:44 AM
they have a Blogging site! opened like two weeks ago! i have a blog site!


huuuuuu you like?

you should make one too?


check it

2008-Apr-20, 12:50 AM
Such violent thoughts....

2008-Apr-20, 12:55 AM
Such violent thoughts....

you have no idea.

2009-Mar-29, 09:45 AM
i forgot all about this post. hm,. i wonder if ill get suspended like the last old thread i brought back up.

i added anew poem(s) to the site. heres ine i like.

i hope you are well now father.
when its your time to knell.
be changed but here not bothered.
think of no ill will.
take your hands with strength
with honor.
be blessed and walk with no limp.
have no fear over man. over water.
have your strength to hold you in.