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Lord Jubjub
2008-Apr-21, 01:13 AM
The following post will contain the list of the episodes in season 3. Peruse that list and count the number of episodes you think are good--not great episodes, but episodes that don't find you flipping the channel after a few minutes. Count them up and give me the results in the poll.

Now for the round 1.5: Give me nominations for the best of this season. The more nominations an episode receives, the more likely it will be in the next round.

Lord Jubjub
2008-Apr-21, 01:31 AM
From Trek Nation (http://www.treknation.com/episodes/tng/)
#301 Evolution | A group of nanites unleashed by Wesley attacks the life support systems, forcing the crew to fight them to survive.
#302 The Ensigns of Command | Data struggles to save a colony that's been marked for death by aliens if the humans fail to evacuate.
#303 The Survivors | On a remote planet where only two of thousands have survived an alien attack, the survivors seems kindly despite their refusals to be evacuated, but Deanna Troi begins to suffer horribly at the sound of their music box.
#304 Who Watches the Watchers? |Upon witnessing Federation technology, a primitive culture begins to venerate Picard as a god and plans to sacrifice Troi to him. Picard must violate the Prime Directive even further to demonstrate that he's only a person.
#305 The Bonding | When an archaeologist dies on an away mission, leaving an orphaned son for whom Worf feels responsible, the alien who caused her death creates an artificial image of the mother and their home for the boy
#306 Booby Trap | The ship is caught in a trap which transforms the ship's energy into lethal levels of radiation.
#307 The Enemy | Geordi is stranded on a planet plagued by storms with a hostile Romulan.
#308 The Price |Aa group of delegates converge on the Enterprise to bid on the rights to a stable wormhole.
#309 The Vengeance Factor | An ancient assassin plagues the crew's attempt to stop a violent dispute between warring aliens.
#310 The Defector | A high-ranking Romulan defector bent on preserving peace between his empire and the Federation leads the crew into a showdown which could trigger a war.
#311 The Hunted | A solder who has been medically altered to be the perfect killer threatens the Enterprise.
#312 The High Ground | Crusher is abducted by a group of rebels who are desperate to demonstrate their suffering to Starfleet before it assists the opposite side in their civil war.
#313 Deja Q | Q appears again, in trouble with the Continuum and minus his powers, but a selfless act on his part wins them back for him.
#314 A Matter of Perspective | When Riker is accused of murdering a scientist who claimed the first officer had made a pass at his wife, Picard uses the holodeck to determine his innocence.
#315 Yesterday's Enterprise | The appearance of the Enterprise-C coincides with time rift that causes a dramatic shift in history.
#316 The Offspring | Data creates an android daughter using his own neural network, but Starfleet wants to take custody of her.
#317 Sins of the Father | Worf's long-lost brother Kurn appears and draws Worf into a battle for his family's honor with the unscrupulous Duras clan.
#318 Allegiance | Captain Picard is kidnapped by aliens and replaced with a double who gets trashed and hits on Beverly Crusher.
#319 Captain's Holiday | Picard goes to Risa for vacation and meets an archaeologist named Vash, who is searching for an artifact from the future.
#320 Tin Man | The crew encounters a lifeform which resembles a biological starship, which a disturbed telepath attempts to help them protect from the Romulans.
#321 Hollow Pursuits | Lieutenant Barclay creates holographic versions of the ship's crew as an escape from having to deal with the real ones.
#322 The Most Toys | While the crew believes that Data is dead, he is actually being held hostage by a being who wants to add him to his collection of interesting collectibles.
#323 Sarek | When Spock's father, the famed ambassador, comes on board strange outbreaks of violence begin to afflict people close to him.
#324 Ménage à Troi | Deanna and Lwaxana Troi and kidnapped and humiliated by a Ferengi while Riker seethes and plots escape.
#325 Transfigurations | The Enterprise rescues a mysterious alien who brings Worf back from the dead before evolving into an energy being.
#326 The Best of Both Worlds, Part One | When the Borg kidnap Picard in an attempt to conquer humanity, Riker must assume command and work with Commander Shelby to come up with a plan to combat them.

2008-Apr-21, 01:52 AM
Best episode of Season 3: The Best of Both Words, Part One.
There are many good episodes in Season 3, this is probably my favorite season all around, so I won't list the "good" episodes.

Lord Jubjub
2008-Apr-21, 02:08 AM
I will then add an additional request.

Which episodes do you NOT consider good?

2008-Apr-21, 03:28 AM
The third season episodes I feel of are lesser quality are:
The Price
The Vengeance Factor
The Hunted
Captain's Holiday
Menage a Trois

2008-Apr-21, 01:34 PM

peter eldergill
2008-Apr-21, 02:43 PM
Yesterday's enterprise is my favourite, followed closely by Survivors


2008-Apr-21, 02:58 PM
My three favorites for season 3 were:

#326 - Best of both Worlds

#315 - Yesterday's Enterprise

#317 - Sins of the Father

2008-Apr-22, 08:40 AM
Lot of great episodes in Season 3. Yesterday's Enterprise, Best of Both Worlds and Sins of the Father were all great. The Survivors was one of the first TNG episodes to hook me onto the show. Deja Q was a lot funnier than it had any right to be.

Some bad ones though, like A Matter of Persepctive and The Price

Lord Jubjub
2008-Apr-27, 12:38 AM
Hey, any more votes? Considering the poll results, I'll probably take four episodes from this seasons.