View Full Version : Meade LXD55 5" Refractor Reviews? Good or Bad?

2003-Sep-09, 06:56 PM

I am thinking about buying a telescope, and have been doing some web research. With factors in mind such as what I'd like to view, cost, etc. My research is pointing toward a Meade LXD55 5" Refractor, with an Autostar system.

This will be my first scope, and I am choosing it because; I'm most interested in viewing the planets, I live in a suburb with considerable light polution, and I was thinking I may want to use it to view nature as well. I also didn't want to spend to much on my first scope.

I was wondering if anyone here on the board has used/owns one of these telescopes? I would appreciate any words of wisdom, praise, warnings, advice, that you might have.



2003-Sep-10, 04:33 AM
I have an LXD55 SN8 Schmidt-Newtonian. The biggest gripes I've heard about the LXD series scopes is that the mounts and tripods are too lightweight for the bigger scopes in the line, the SN10 and the AR6. From what I've read the AR5 should be supported adequately, as my SN8 is. I do think the tripod is little too light and the accessory tray doesn't work very well as a leg spreader/stiffener (works fine as an accessory tray though).
The big attraction of the LXD series is the scope per dollar value which is great, you just have to realize that for the sub-$1000 price tag you are not going to get the equivalent of a Losmandy mount or a three element air-spaced flourite apochromat. You will get a good mount, a fair tripod and high quality (within the limitations of a two element achromat) optics. You will need to purchase a second, correct image, diagonal to use the scope for terrestrial viewing and you will probably find aiming an equatorially mounted scope at terrestrial targets a bit frustrating, too.