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Lord Jubjub
2008-Apr-24, 09:48 PM
The following post will contain the list of the episodes in season 7. Peruse that list and count the number of episodes you think are good--not great episodes, but episodes that don't find you flipping the channel after a few minutes. Count them up and give me the results in the poll.

Now for the round 1.5:

Give me nominations for the best of this season. The more nominations an episode receives, the more likely it will be in the next round.

If you have selected all or nearly all the episodes as good, please nominate the ones you would leave OFF the final list (and tell me which is which).

This is the final poll of Round 1.

Lord Jubjub
2008-Apr-24, 10:01 PM
From Trek Nation (http://www.treknation.com/episodes/tng/#season7)
#701 Descent, Part Two | While Picard, Troi, and LaForge are held prisoner by Data, the rest of the crew works with Hugh and his companions to defeat Lore's plans for the Borg.
#702 Liaisons | When his shuttle crashes on an alien world, Picard is cared for by a woman who falls obsessively in love with him.
#703 Interface | While testing a new sensor for his VISOR, LaForge is shocked to discover his missing mother marooned on a nearby alien world.
#704 Gambit, Part One | Riker discovers that Picard, who has been believed dead, is working as a mercenary on an archaeological raid.
#705 Gambit, Part Two | Aboard the pirate vessel, Picard and Riker work with a Vulcan agent to retrieve an ancient, deadly weapon.
#706 Phantasms | When Data initiates a dreaming program, he sees terrifying images of the crew and ship which seem to parallel their mechanical problems.
#707 Dark Page | Lwaxana Troi is dying from repressing a traumatic secret which Deanna must probe her psyche to access.
#708 Attached | When an alien race links them telepathically in prison, Picard and Crusher are forced to confront the feelings for one another they have buried for years.
#709 Force of Nature | A pair of alien scientists attempt to demonstrate that use of high warp speeds is destroying the fabric of space.
#710 Inheritance | Data meets a woman who claims to be Soong's lover and co-worker and therefore his "mother," but he realizes that she, too, is an android.
#711 Parallels | Worf finds reality shifting around him, and concludes that he is moving from universe to universe while nobody else seems aware of the change.
#712 The Pegasus | An admiral who was once Riker's commander orders him to keep the nature of a salvage mission a secret even from Picard.
#713 Homeward | Worf's human brother uses the Enterprise to violate the noninterference directive in order to save a primitive, dying race.
#714 Sub Rosa | When she travels for her grandmother's funeral, Crusher begins to fall under the spell of the old woman's young lover.
#715 Lower Decks | As they wait to learn which of them will be promoted, four junior officers on the Enterprise take part in a secret mission.
#716 Thine Own Self | Data loses his memory and inadvertently exposes a technologically unsophisticated culture to deadly radiation.
#717 Masks | As an alien probe transforms the Enterprise, Data takes on the personalities of many of the members of the civilization which created it.
#718 Eye of the Beholder | Troi finds herself suffering from the aftereffects of an officer's suicide, seeing visions of his experiences which cross over into her own budding relationship with Worf.
#719 Genesis | When the Enterprise crew devolves into prehistoric beings, Picard and Data must figure out how to reverse the process.
#720 Journey's End | On a mission to relocate a group of Native American settlers from a planet in the Demilitarized Zone, Wesley decides to change his future and leave Starfleet.
#721 Firstborn | A family member with a mysterious past comes to the Enterprise to teach Alexander how to be a warrior.
#722 Bloodlines | Picard is shocked to discover that he has a son, and that an old alien nemesis has targeted the young man for death.
#723 Emergence | When the Enterprise begins to develop intelligence of its own, the warp drive becomes unpredictable and several crewmembers are trapped on the holodeck.
#724 Preemptive strike | Sent on assignment to infiltrate the Maquis, Ro Laren finds her loyalty to Picard and the Federation weighed against her hatred for Cardassia.
#725 All Good Things | Q causes Picard to leap back and forth in time in an attempt to save humanity from destruction by his own folly.

Lord Jubjub
2008-Apr-24, 10:04 PM
As a biologist, let me say that Genesis is the worst episode in all of Star Trek along with that Warp 10 episode from Voyager.

2008-Apr-24, 10:36 PM

"#722 Bloodlines | Picard is shocked to discover that he has a son, and that an old alien nemesis has targeted the young man for death."

Didn't something like this happen to Kirk in STII and STIII?

Those starship captains get around. I read somewhere that, had Voyager been picked up for another season, Janeway would have discovered a son she knew nothing about.

2008-Apr-24, 10:45 PM
Best: Parallels, The Pegasus, Masks, Genesis (sue me), All Good Things

Man, season 7 sucked. Took me a while to find five.

2008-Apr-25, 01:20 AM
Best Episode of Season 7: Lower Decks
Honorable Mentions: Gambit (1 and 2), Attached, Parallels, The Pegasus, Thine Own Self, All Good Things

Van Rijn
2008-Apr-25, 01:24 AM
As a biologist, let me say that Genesis is the worst episode in all of Star Trek along with that Warp 10 episode from Voyager.

That's the one where they turn into critters? That's the one episode of TNG I simply could not watch all the way through. Unfortunately, I did see the Voyager warp 10 episode through, but I wish I hadn't. I didn't watch it a second time. (Actually, there aren't many Voyager episodes I have seen a second time.)

2008-Apr-25, 11:02 AM
Journey's End is the episode where we learn that Wesley was, indeed, the chosen one..

2008-Apr-25, 01:13 PM
Season 7 was not up to the standards of season 6, but it was still very good. I remember doing some research a couple of years ago, on the ratings curve for STNG, and the ratings progressed steadily upward from season 1, peaking at season 6(with some of the highest ratings ever for a sci-fi production), and then a small decline at season 7. That pretty much sums it up for STNG. Here are my favorites:

#725 - All Good Things

#716 - Thine Own Self

#701 - Descent Part II

I also think that "Journeys End" was well done. It was my favorite Wesley Crusher episode. I really enjoyed the last episode "All Good Things", it was very nice to see a great sci-fi production end on a very high note.

Lord Jubjub
2008-Apr-27, 01:01 AM
Still plenty of time for this last season, but I'm hoping for more votes and definitely more best episode lists.

2008-Apr-29, 08:42 PM
I thought "Parallells" was about the only episode worth mentioning...The rest were annoying or just overwrought...


2008-Apr-29, 09:20 PM
701 Descent Pt 2
704/705 Gambit
715 Lower Decks
725 All Good Things

2008-May-02, 01:29 AM
Sub Rosa

Hmmm...I love Worf!

2008-May-02, 08:11 AM
"If you're gonna compare a Hanzo sword, you compare it to every other sword ever made... that wasn't made by Hattori Hanzo."

Blasphemous fools! How dare you speak ill of any TNG episode. Change the channel? Excuse me? Change away from TNG to...to what? No, sir--you sit and absorb every precious minute of Picardlyness your mortal life will grant you!

If you're going to compare a TNG episode, you compare it to every other TV episode every made...that wasn't made by Star Trek TNG.

Gene bless you.