View Full Version : Easy DSOs For Beginners?

Mr Q
2008-Apr-25, 11:26 PM
I often read posts in several astronomy forums by beginners asking, "I have a scope/binos so what can I see?" So my question is, are there any beginners out there interested in a thread that would give you some easy to locate and observe DSOs to keep your interest going in the hobby?

If so, let me know here. I have several easy objects for the late spring from mid lattitudes that can get you started on hands-on observing if there is an interest in such a thread. Of course, the thread would be open to anyone interested in contributing some objects of their own.
The only tools required for such an activity would be a star atlas, binos or scope and a planisphere. Mr Q

2008-Apr-26, 01:23 PM
That would be swell!

Can you post a link to an online calculator which would allow me to input my lat/lon and a time and it would give a list of several DSOs visible with a good set of light amplifying binocs?

2008-Apr-26, 01:24 PM
Also, this should almost be a sticky so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle. There may not be that many beginners out there, but that doesn't mean that such a thread containing a link to an online calculator wouldn't be a tremendous resource for both amateurs and experts.

Mr Q
2008-Apr-26, 05:23 PM
Hi Mugaliens - The idea I had was for CN members to contribute easily found and observed objects for beginners that only needed a star atlas and planisphere to locate them. Doing it this way, I figured this method would hone their locating/observing skills. The objects would be observable from anywhere in the mid latitudes and for the present season with observing done an hour or two after local sunset. I wanted to keep the possible thread as simple as it could be because some beginners are confused enough with all they have to learn in order to be at least somewhat proficient in locating some DSOs. Because of the world-wide coverage of this forum, I'm sure other latitudes could be included, say for those "down under".

If any moderators would like to make the thread a sticky, so be it. I thought by giving the thread a chance for starters, we could see the results, if any, and take things from there. I'm sure that there are/will be many more beginners reading the thread that are not members so keeping things simple was my goal. The first step, I think, is to see if there is any interest for such a thread. That's what I'm looking for now. If there is, then we could at least start a thread and take things from there. Thanks for your comments on the idea and let's see what other responses we get on the idea. Mr Q