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2003-Sep-10, 06:31 PM
I bought the book a few days ago (yes, I know it was published some time ago, but I hope you would like sustained sales :D ).

I was in Waterstones in Piccadilly, London. I took the book to the cash desk, and usually when I pay for books the assistant at the till doesn't say much - I wouldn't expect them to! This time was different, the assistant on seeing the book said "This book should be in every school and college!" She was very enthusiastic about it. =D>

I'm reading it now, but getting dizzy trying to understand the Coriolis force/effect. I wouldn't be too hard on Michael Palin though, it's not something he could be expected to understand. I have to admit a bias. I met Michael Palin at a bookshop (another one in Piccadilly) and he was still courteous after an hour and a half of signing books, even though he looked tired.

And about star names I knew of some people who were fans of a TV actor (not Michael Palin) who clubbed together to get a star named for him. When the info arrived, they didn't understand Mag, Dec and RA. I tried looking it up, but it was too faint for Norton's Star Atlas. They would have needed a big telescope to see it. As I was moving house at the time, I never got around to telling them...

This is my first post, I just wanted to pass on that there's one person who works a bookstore in London who's supporting your book.


The Bad Astronomer
2003-Sep-10, 07:44 PM
Well, that's nice to know! The book didn't do as well in the UK as it did here in the States (Bad Medicine was the reverse, and did pretty well in the UK). But I agree, it should be in every college and library. That would double my sales! :-)