View Full Version : Best Episode of Star Trek: TNG: Round 2c

Lord Jubjub
2008-May-04, 01:27 AM
Pick ALL of the episodes that you would put in your top ten for Star Trek: TNG. Two part episodes will be listed and rated as a single episode.

Lord Jubjub
2008-May-04, 08:16 PM
Cause and Effect (season 5) The ship is caught in a time loop after an explosion, causing the crew to experience increased deja vu as they relive the events leading up to the disaster.

The Chain of Command (season 6) Picard, Crusher and Worf are abruptly reassigned for a classified mission. While Captain Jellico tries to whip the crew into shape for a confrontation with the Cardassians, Picard is taken prisoner and interrogated.

The Measure of a Man (season 2) When a scientist wants to disassemble Data in order to figure out how to replicate him, Picard and Riker must take opposing sides in arguing Data's right to refuse for a Starfleet tribunal.

Brothers (season 4) When Soong summons Data and accidentally brings Lore home as well, the two androids struggle with one another for possession of an "emotion chip," while aboard the Enterprise, another pair of brothers deal with the deadly consequences of their friendly rivalry.

The Survivors (season 3) On a remote planet where only two of thousands have survived an alien attack, the survivors seems kindly despite their refusals to be evacuated, but Deanna Troi begins to suffer horribly at the sound of their music box.

peter eldergill
2008-May-05, 01:50 AM
I voted for Survivors entirely due to the last soliloquy of the alien "You don't understand the scope of my crime. I didn't just kill one Husnock (sp?) or a thousand .... I killed them all"

One of my all time favourite trek moments


Launch window
2008-May-05, 11:44 AM
Measure of a Man, because the acting was fantastic and it was the first time I looked at Data as human

2008-May-06, 06:19 PM
None in my Top Ten.