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2008-May-13, 02:57 PM
My goodness! I previously knew Castor was a double, but not a sextuple. :eh:


The telescope reveals Castor's real claim to fame as a remarkable multiple star.

we find each of the two bright components, Castor A and Castor B, is yet again double! ... Moreover, the faint distant member, Castor C, is ALSO double!

How ironic that one of the "twins" should in fact be made of three sets of twins, Castor certainly the sky's ranking sextuple, double- double-double, star.

Whoa. You go Castor!!

Castor may also be part of a hugely extended, physically related, group of stars called the "Castor Moving Group" that includes Vega, Fomalhaut, Zubenelgenubi, and Alderamin.

The "Castor Moving Group" is new to me. I'm familiar with all stars mentioned in the "Castor Moving Group" except Alderamin.

2008-May-13, 03:22 PM
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From emburacum45 (with Celestia), image (http://img66.echo.cx/img66/6207/castor1tf.jpg)