View Full Version : Possible fun ahead at Ed Mitchell's forum

2003-Sep-16, 07:55 AM
Have a look at the "NASA Apollo Transcripts" thread at Ed Mitchell's forum (http://www.edmitchellapollo14.com/wwwboard/index.html).
Some guy, who calls himself an Independent Investigator posted some pretty dumb questions there, apparently copied from one of many websites (due to spelling errors, they are easy to google). He seems to be from the Hoagland faction. #-o


2003-Sep-16, 01:57 PM
I read a few of Mitchell’s post covering a variety of topics not related to NASA and the Apollo program. He seemed to be a proponent of zero point energy and complained that physicist and chemist were behind on investigating several very important ideas. Is he a bit out there on some issues?

2003-Sep-16, 03:07 PM
Ed Mitchell is a bit of a guy for the old psychic stuff.

2003-Sep-16, 03:40 PM
Ed Mitchell does have some interesting beliefs. However even where he and I disagree I have found him to be thoughtful and respectful.