View Full Version : Wave/Particle episode has inspired me to ask Pamela a question

Robert Noel
2008-May-22, 08:24 AM
Hi there! After listening to the Wave/Particle Astronomy Cast, and hearing the obvious passion you have for the subject (Afshar's experiment in particular), I thought I'd try my luck with a question/idea in this forum.

Ten years ago, I posted a long rambling thought-experiment on Usenet, and got no useful feedback. I'd like to try again here. I'll post a link to the original post, but I've decided to include a picture that may preclude any need to even read the original post. Forgive my primitive drawing skills and terminology. If you find quantum physics at all interesting though, I hope you'll have fun considering my thoughts and correcting them as necessary. Thanks!


In the image below, nothing is to scale, and I pulled my distances out of a hat so to speak, but that should not affect the principle I'm trying to understand.


Robert Noel
2008-Jun-05, 11:23 PM
Well, thanks anyways. Doesn't matter as someone in the Physics Forums, after much effort, finally made me see the error in my thinking.