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2003-Sep-17, 08:14 PM
Whettstone has posted reviews of the last episodes of season two on his site (http://www.firsttvdrama.com/enterprise/index.php3).

I can't speak about 'Cogenitor' because I turned it off after ten minutes deeming it unwatchable.

I agree with sentiments about continuity that he made about 'Regeneration'. I think we all agree that 'Regeneration' is one of the worst continuity travesties of the series.

I kind of thought 'First Flight' was good. I thought he was just being nitpicky with his quibble about the stock shot. I agree with his point that Archer is just plain stupid if he doesn't know what Aldrin's first words were, but apparently Whettstone doesn't either. He got them wrong. His point about test pilots not equalling starship captains is valid. If the writers were really clever, they would have used this to show why Archer is a bit gung ho.

This actually could have had real potential. Consider:

The intelligent way
Events occur early on in the series as I described here (http://www.badastronomy.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?p=120985#120985). Almost two years after that, we see young Archer in his gung ho style that befits the character of a test pilot get chosen because of his test piloting to command Enterprise. Hence, we find out why such a cowboy would be given a starship, and hence in a heartfelt discussion with T'Pol, backed by music by Joel Goldsmith, we realise that Starfleet made in an immature decision, and Archer learns from it and becomes more mature earning yet more respect.

The B&B way
Everyone's too stupid to realise that a gung ho test pilot is wholly unsuitable to command Enterprise.

The 'Bounty' review was signficantly less vitriole than I expected. I cannot help but feel a sense of anti-climax.

'The Expanse' contained a good point about rushing things. They could have easily done away with 'Precious Cargo', 'The Communicator', 'Vanishing Point', 'Bounty', 'Marauders' and had a multi-episode story arc containing an expanded version of 'The Expanse'.

2003-Sep-17, 08:50 PM
Anyone else get the impression he needs something better to do with his time? (Whettstone) Cripes... what he gets right in fact is negated by an utter lack of objectivity or tact.

2003-Sep-17, 08:57 PM
He is incredibly obnoxious. One reader commented that he would never get far in his ambitions to write his own series with that attitude. I'm inclined to sympathise with the reader.

But there are a lot of things he says that are true, if very harshly expressed.

He also dissed SG1. Goit!

2003-Nov-15, 12:35 PM
His latest reviews are continuing to make me lose sympathy for him. It's all insults and a bad attitude in his reviews now. The occasional time he does make a good point, he ruins it by the use of bad language. He was once very apt, accurately pointing to the multitude of flaws, but now, he's just hot air.

Of course, my primary complaint with Enterprise is it's pitiful depiction of space exploration. Space has never seemed so dull and their mission has all the intellect of a road trip.

2003-Nov-16, 02:55 PM
I can't really blame him for the negativity. B&B really have NO clue. I would have lost it long before Whetstone did. When you keep seeing the same stupid mistakes that kill the ratings, and then they do MORE stupid things to save them, you run out of energy to fight it.

The show is no longer worthy of intelligent dissection and is only worthy of ranting.

This show started with the best possible lead in for it. It could have been the best of the franchise if handled properly. Alas.

2003-Nov-16, 03:00 PM
I completely agree with that. But, Whettstone's position would be made more credible if he did without the profanity.

2003-Nov-20, 12:27 PM
In his review of 'Stigma (http://www.firsttvdrama.com/enterprise/e40.php3)',

Does somebody want to explain to me why every scene of every starship in orbit of every planet on every Star Trek series has the ship gliding around the planet with its left side facing the planet, but suddenly in this episode the Enterprise is in orbit of the planet with its top facing the planet? What, are they orbiting it upside down now or something?

In fact, this is the way the Space Shuttle orbits, with its dorsal towards the planet. What difference does it make the relative orientation of the ship to the planet? I find this argument a completely nonsensical argument, especially given that the same person says his own scifi show will be special because it won't feature ships following an arbitrary up. He if wants TV shows to acknowledge that there is no up or down in space, why the hell does he think Enterprise should orbit at a specific orientation?

2003-Nov-20, 01:36 PM
Agreed, apalling double standards ob the part of the reviewer.