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2003-Sep-18, 03:43 AM
This guy is a real kook.

And I quote:

There is NO any contradiction there. The dorb is a very special number. The writing 2 + 3dorb will give the two results in the 0th and 1th orders of dorb respectively, it will be 2 in the zeroth order of dorb, or 2+3dorb in the first order of dorb. So we can not write like this:


Anyway, dorb is equal to zero today, so the above equation is always true for today's understanding.

Here, go check this out. It um... explains... relativity.

2003-Sep-18, 04:05 AM
I'm curious how you find these sites, Madcat?

2003-Sep-18, 04:19 AM
I'm curious how you find these sites, Madcat?

Well, this particular site is yesterday's SomethingAwful awful link of the day.

But a dorb? Gah. #-o

Celestial Mechanic
2003-Sep-18, 04:48 AM
At the bottom of the page Chang Yu Wang writes:

6 - 11 - 3
Well, the time has been ticking away more than 29 months, I am still getting no chance. Now I have to do the worst destruction. I will not tolerate any compromise from now on.
Ooh!! I'm so frightened!! :lol:

2003-Sep-18, 08:26 AM
He writes:

"In math, you can define any ridiculous space with ridiculous rules. But how to prove that your space is the same as the space we are living in the reality? You haven't shown any experiment on this yet."

Well of course.
Take a Pi, (which equals 3.14159265) and introduce it to a cell Face equation:


Add the velocity (in free fall of course)

ax=0 / ay = -g

Plus a banana peel:

There you have the makings of math defining a “pi” in the “face” of “ridiculous space.” (The introduction of clown makeup and big shoes are merely subsets to the main expression.) :D
(Sorry - just kidding around - :wink: )

Celestial Mechanic
2003-Sep-18, 05:39 PM
I'm curious how you find these sites, Madcat?Also a good place to look for the ridiculous (as well as sites that debunk them!) is www.crank.net .

2003-Sep-18, 08:54 PM
Hey, I get it! He's wearing funny slippers! It's RIDICULOUS SPACE! :D