View Full Version : Mars Settlement Pioneers Will Face Huge Psychological Challenges

2008-Jun-03, 01:20 AM
Imagine you are on the crew of a Mars mission and you fall out with a fellow crew member. You can't walk away from them. Imagine you are on the surface of Mars and you suffer terrible home sickness. You can't simply fly back to your family. Imagine there is a medical emergency in your [...]

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Ross PK81
2008-Jun-03, 12:42 PM
So I take it it's talking about people going there to permenantly stay and will never return to Earth?

2008-Jun-04, 11:49 AM
The early traveler reference is a valuable one, but those guys could always go back and where they were going in most cases there were other humans already.
If they were referring to our earlier ancestors who say went to Australia and the Americas then that might be interesting.

2008-Jun-04, 01:53 PM
Not like people haven't done this before.....

All of the 'round the world' sailors for centuries have been out of contact for extended periods of time locked on tiny ships with their crews.

'Mountain men' that explored and settled the remote ranges and Arctic stayed out of contact for years at a time.

And they didn't have email and video access like the Mars explorers will!!!

When did Mankind become so coddled???