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Paul Leeks
2008-Jun-04, 03:01 AM
I am trying (desperately) to get hold of a video that has been removed from Youtube.It is:

ufo area 51? Jaime Mausan

and was put there by theufokid

some details are AM 4:50
Jun 27 1991

and shows an elliptical object moving along and changing shape. I expect to help make a doco on the Kaikoura UFO incident and this info would be a great help


Paul Leeks
New Zealand

2008-Jun-04, 03:11 AM
I am trying (desperately) to get hold of a video that has been removed from Youtube.

I confess. A shadowy gentleman, name of Xenoo, I recently met at a Tupperware party, when he learned of my technical skills and contacts, asked me to have that video removed. He paid in gold; I won't say in public how much. I don't know how to contact him. He was about 6-feet tall, dark features, spoke with a slight lisp, and a eastern European accent, maybe Slavic. Otherwise he was fairly average looking. Oh, he did have a sickle-shaped scar at the end of his central tentacle.

Perhaps a similar quantity of gold will get the file restored. I don't mind being fought over. Contact me for details.

2008-Jun-04, 12:32 PM
And for a small sum of $39.95 you can get the video yourself. For that price, you will get the never before scene showing definitive proof of whatever you want.

Seriously though. A quick google search on your information reveals a lot of "no longer available" videos. A sign of copyright infringements.

With a name like "area51productions", do you think that they would allow videos to be available free?

Paul Leeks
2008-Jul-03, 02:08 AM
I eventually found this video that I wanted-excellent!