View Full Version : Centaurus A Ultra Deep Field

2008-Jun-10, 07:57 PM
Here is a unique and very deep view of this famous galaxy in

Taken over 3 nights from a very dark sky in Australia this may even
be the deepest colour image ever taken of this famous galaxy..?

The following link is to a 1400 X 900 image that will fit on most
screens without the need for scrolling but please access a larger
file and several other versions of this extensive data set via the
links below the image (don't click on the image)

I strongly recomend looking at the 4008 X 2670pix 4.5meg version and
see how many galaxies you can count in the background.

The close up of the dust lane is pretty cool too I recon.

A real pleasure to process into so many variations, I hope you like


Mike Sidonio

2008-Jun-10, 09:17 PM
Beautifully done Mike. This is one of my favorite objects. Wish we had access to it up here in the northlands. Great job with CG4 as well!


Sir Real
2008-Jun-11, 01:17 AM

2008-Jun-11, 04:34 PM
Very nice shot. The extended area of the galaxy is very nicely detailed.

2008-Jun-12, 03:22 PM
Thanks guys glad you liked it and hopfully you had a look at all the other versions of this amazing galaxy via the links under the posted image..? It was fun creating all the variations.



Mike Sidonio

2008-Jun-14, 06:12 AM
A Very Beautiful wide shot of this galaxy, Very sharp and the colors are stuning!, Welldone Mike and Clear Skies.

2008-Jun-19, 01:10 PM
It soooo Beautiful , so Bright and Full of so many Stars!

I love the picture.

Thanks for sharing , Mike.