View Full Version : True, or Untrue?

mike alexander
2008-Jun-13, 10:37 PM
(True) Teacher said that thunder was caused by clouds bumping the mountains. Must've been the Invisible Cleveland Mountains.

(True) Saying "Jesus, Mary, Joseph!" got you 300 days off time in Purgatory. Confirmed by notations in my St. Joseph Daily Missal. Cancelled out if said after hammering your finger.

(False) That old people could leave their false teeth on the table so they could eat while sleeping in the living room.

2008-Jun-14, 12:01 AM
(True) Mother said I could do whatever I want, so long as I don't get caught.

2008-Jun-14, 05:00 AM
(True) In Connecticut it was all one word, "jesusmaryanjoseph" (the version used immediately after hammering your thumb). For a number of years I though Joseph's consort was Mary Ann.

2008-Jun-14, 04:41 PM
(True) 4th grade teacher, now promoted to principal, said clouds don't move, it's the Earth's rotation that gives the illusion.

mike alexander
2008-Jun-14, 06:31 PM
(true) The Holmes Effect: My wife was surprised to learn one can see the moon in daytime.

mike alexander
2008-Jun-14, 07:02 PM
(true) Italy is the remains of the leg of a really big giant (Which may also explain the Matterhorn, now that I think about it). Whether Sicily is the deflated remains of a really big soccer ball was not mentioned.