View Full Version : Meet Pamela & Chris Lintott of Galaxy Zoo June 30

2008-Jun-18, 02:50 AM
I just wanted to take a moment to invite all of you to Southern Illinois University Edwardsville on June 30th to hear a talk by Chris Linott and then to hang out afterwards with myself and Chris.

Here are the details:
On Monday June 30, Chris Lintott (http://www.chrislintott.net/), the man behind Galaxy Zoo’s ongoing goodness, will be visiting me here in Edwardsville so we can work on some plans for International Year of Astronomy.

As part of his visit, he will be giving a public talk here at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. His talk, "The Science of Galaxy Zoo, or What to do with 140,000 Astronomers," will be at 7pm on June 30 in the Meridian Ballroom of the Morris University Center at SIUE. Campus maps are here (http://admin.siue.edu/parking/edwcampmap.htm), and directions to campus are here. (http://www.siue.edu/maps/) If you have ever wanted an excuse to drive to Edwardsville, let this be your excuse.

Following the talk, Chris and I will be hanging out at the Starbuck’s in the University Center. I would be giddily happy if you could join us for both the talk and to hang out with caffeine afterward.

See you there?

(More details, including images, are on my blog (http://www.starstryder.com/2008/06/17/meet-me-chris-lintott-in-edwardsville-near-st-louis/))

2008-Jun-22, 06:38 AM
I saw Chris Lintott on an episode of "The Sky At Night", (from the web, as I don't haveTV) and it was his delivery that made me pay careful attention to what he was talking about and got me interested in the specifics of astronomy, etc.
Same as with you and Fraser - i think most people, if they listen/watch/read long enough to realize (make real internally/personally) the significance of it all, it becomes very interesting! Enthusiasm is catching :)
Have fun!