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2008-Jun-18, 09:41 PM
This video appears to show tiny worms emerging from a man's face. There's nothing in the description to indicate the name of the parasite (and the comments are full of typical youtubian idiocy). So, does anyone here have any idea?


I personally found the video more fascinating than disgusting, but your mileage might vary.

2008-Jun-19, 02:37 AM
I didn't see any actually coming out and have never heard of a treatment that would cause parasites to do so, which makes me suspect that the few that I did see, twitching around on the outside surface of the skin, never had been and never would be inside the body and had simply been put on the outside there for show. If that's the case, then the "stage props" were probably not parasitic at all but just some species of worm that doesn't really have anything to do with humans.

But, on the presumption that they really are tiny parasites that had been living in human skin, that really limits the possibilities. My first thought was loa-loa, known as "eyeworms" but also known to inhabit skin in some cases. But that's African. Given the apparent human setting in this video, the nearest thing that seems to fit (from what I could find by looking for analogues of the loa-loa) is Brugia malayi, also known as Filaria malayi, a tiny roundworm which infects humans in southern Asia. It most commonly inhabits lymphatic tissue but has also been known to inhabit skin instead, especially areas of skin with a lot of small shallow blood vessels.

2008-Jun-19, 03:11 AM
I didn't see any actually coming out

They're easy to miss. Here's one. It can be seen wiggling in the video


2008-Jun-19, 03:29 AM
I think I found the answer on yahoo (which is almost twice as reliable as youtube).


Apparently, there is a roach (this story just gets better and better) and the worms are parasites of it, living in its stomach. The Malaysian people have a traditional remedy for sinus infection. They grind up the roach and smear it on your face. Sign me up! The worms survive this process; they wiggle around for a bit and then just fall off.

Thanks for the research Delvo. I'm reading about Filaria malayi now. Fascinating stuff.

2008-Jun-19, 12:24 PM
possibly some sort of Bot fly?
sorry, run out of time to do a search.

2008-Jun-19, 12:31 PM

http://ambergriscaye.com/pages/town/botfly.html (about 72kb?)