View Full Version : Jupiter 21 June

rumples riot
2008-Jun-22, 05:10 AM
Last night was the nicest seeing I have had since 30 May. Started off a bit variable but ramped up as Jove hit the meridian.

Plenty of detail showing in the image despite the present of some jet stream activity. I have not captured this part well this season, so I am glad for the opportunity. I love the small ovals in the polar regions and the SEB revival is well shown here too.

More processing now, and I have even got some of the moon.

2008-Jun-22, 07:14 AM
A beautiful image it is, Lots of details on the belts and very sharp ovals also great image processing. Welldone and Clear Skies

2008-Jun-22, 07:26 AM
Excellent photo. Congratulations!

2008-Jun-22, 03:51 PM
Great picture. Looking forward to the others you mention.


2008-Jun-23, 03:24 PM
Great shot. The details in the clouds are excellent.

2008-Jun-24, 05:38 AM
At the risk of sounding completely ignorant, what equipment did you use for that picture?