View Full Version : Regarding the question of CDs

man on the moon
2008-Jun-24, 06:55 PM
I would buy a book most likely (Frasier mentioned that in episode 94, the current one as I write). On the thought of a CD or audio device, I have downloaded all the episodes to my computer but currently not into a portable device. If interest were expressed I think I would just burn a CD myself though...that would allow me to choose the episodes that would fit the question at hand, or all of them if that were the interest.

2008-Jun-24, 07:12 PM
burn them to DVD

2008-Jun-24, 10:19 PM
gotta agree no need for a cd.... i burnt my mom a couple ...:whistle:

dan carlins model of asking for a dollar a show and relying on folks good natures seems to work for him.....:)

good luck we all love the show

mix it up a bit find more pro's to talk to .. check out the jodcast...



2008-Jun-28, 03:21 AM
CDs are a bad idea unless it's purely a fundraising mechanism. Really, they're outmoded for this purpose. Why bother?