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2008-Jul-05, 01:51 AM
Today fourth of July, Benton Arkansas, about 10 minutes ago, me and my family were sitting outside.. My dad happened to point out a weird light pattern, the sun was going down (Usually gets dark around 9:10 or around there)it was around 8:30, and there was weird V shaped darkness, it's wasn't totally dark but it didn't illuminate the clouds like it normally would. On the left side of the V They were illuminated as well as the right, but not in the V, it was all shadowed.

Not sure what can cause this in Arkansas, seeing as there are no sky scrapers where I live or around the area. Was wondering if someone had any feed back to answer my question. Didn't get a picture in time, but it was a Straight V, kind of wide but straight angles.

(Not sure if this is in the right thread)

Jeff Root
2008-Jul-05, 02:18 AM
Search for images and descriptions of crepuscular rays to see if they fit
what you saw. My guess is that it was the shadow of a cloud low on your
horizon. The phenomenon covers such a large area of the sky, though,
that it is practically impossible to photograph the whole thing at once.

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

2008-Jul-05, 03:20 AM
Ah, thanks a ton man, found it, it was "Anti-crepuscular rays" That's what we were seeing, thanks again Jeff.

2008-Jul-05, 07:14 AM
And here I was, all set to mention that it might have something to do with the 1970's TV-miniseries of the same letter...

Good job, Jeff, Exirus.

2008-Jul-05, 10:31 AM
Ah, thanks a ton man, found it, it was "Anti-crepuscular rays" That's what we were seeing, thanks again Jeff.From your description, and the idea of the skyscraper, I got the impression that they were in the west?

2008-Jul-05, 01:09 PM
Yup, was directly west.

2008-Jul-05, 01:17 PM
At sundown, the crepuscular rays would be in the west, the anti-crepuscular rays in the east

OK, they're the same rays :)