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2008-Jul-16, 05:42 PM
Please bare with the photo, since there was a great perspiration, I took aside my tea-shirt.

if it is ok then look at the image.

I like treaking very much, but with the companions, some food, and good condition motor cycle. In trekking tours I always take care of drinking water, because it is rarely available when we move in the forests. food is also require atleast every after 2 hours, because it refresh the stamina, in the every intervals.

few people use the bermuda half pants to walk, but I always full pant, because if I sleep from any rock or say from anywhere, my leg woods will be minimize due to the thick jean pant (hence I wore that). and with the rubber made light weight shoes gives me great comforts to my legs.

2008-Jul-16, 07:05 PM
Suntrack2 when you go trekking you shouldn't wear denims , because when they get wet they stay wet for a long time and can rub your skin making you very sore, you should wear cotton or linen as they are light weight and dry out quicker and shoes should be worn with a proper grip, they have good ones made these days that are light weight and comfortable too.
The view in the background looks beautiful.

chrissy :)

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2008-Jul-16, 08:34 PM
Denim is made of cotton. Any cotton will absorb moisture and dry out slowly and it sticks to you when it's wet. You need a wicking material that pulls moisture away from the body and dries out easily. Columbia is a good brand for hiking pants and shorts as well as shoes and boots. But there is also lower and higher end stuff that makes for good material for these types of activities.

Nice picture, suntrack2. Looks like a really nice area. The rocks appear red.

2008-Jul-16, 09:38 PM
...In treaking tours I always take care of drinking water, because it is rarely available when we move in the forests...Excellent idea; dehydration is no fun and many people forget to drink enough water/liquids to prevent it when on vacation or week-ends in mountainous areas, distracted by the beauty and adventure.