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John Jones
2003-Oct-02, 07:20 PM
Still squabbling over the treasurer's (Nancy) apparent malfeasance.


(Jan) Article 7, Section 5. The point is to do the right thing and to respect our own bylaws.

(Nancy) Jan, your 'right thing' was to dump the nonprofit, and not even bother to ask the membership, so you are not one to point your nose high.

(Jan) And I'll leave you guys to do whatever you think is right for this great organization with 36 members, whereof 8 active enough to cast a vote. Goodbye

(Nancy) Is that goodby forever?

2003-Oct-02, 08:01 PM
They've apparently flip flopped again and will continue to use the term "pole shift".

John Jones
2003-Oct-02, 08:04 PM
They've apparently flip flopped again and will continue to use the term "pole shift".

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention it. Apparently, they voted to drop "pole shift". I predicted at the time that Nancy would never stand for it.

Well, some guy named Mike L came along *after* the board voted, and requested it be kept in, so guess what happened? They're keeping it.

According to Roger, this Mike L has empirical evidence that PX exists.

2003-Oct-02, 08:15 PM
It's amazing how they always seem to do what Nancy wants to do, isn't it?

That log was a bit depressing.

It was depressing to see how people can be led around by the nose like that, and how they can just ignore reality so easily.

2003-Oct-02, 08:37 PM
(Nancy) Is that goodby forever?


I was under the impression that death was imminent for everyone? :P

Doctor J
2003-Oct-02, 09:24 PM
Ah, but the most interesting part came at the end......

(Brent) Item 4 Domain name renewal
(Mary) What is the cost and do we have it?
(Nancy) I recall a cost of $12/year or some such, much lower than InterNIC which is why Jurian went with this domain distributor.
(Mary) I move we appropriate the funds to pay for another year.
(Nancy) The issue is ownership, as Jurian is the owner. We would need to contact him and get him to make payment, or provide an avenue.
(Roger) I second Mary's motion.
(Nancy) OR, perhaps we could try to make online payment ourselves, as generally no one minds if $$ is put into an account, just taken out.
(Mary) Has anyone contacted Jurian for his view?
(Brent) Nancy: you worked with Jurian on this previously.... will you contact him about this?
(Roger) Hmmm, if the domain names will expire at 9AM, can we just register them again at 9:01AM under new ownership?
(Nancy) Not I, but I probably have a folder that details the Domain provider, it is European.
(Nancy) I'm not sure, it may be available at that provider for sale. The danger, of course, is that someone else may try to smap them up and put a disinfo page on the web.
(Mary) Very well, then do what needs to be done and get the domain re-registerd.
(Nancy) I think we need to pursue renewing them. Naji sent me the notice, and I will enlist his help with this.
(Nancy) He apparently knows the domain provider or did a WHOIS
(Nancy) I will also dig up the folder, and see if one can just go in and do a credit card update. If so, I will DO this.
(Nancy) I will also notify Jurian and see if I can get him to assist.
(Brent) OK, good. We have a motion to provide funds for this, and a second.
(Nancy) I do recall that it was not as user friendly as InterNIC was.
(Brent) All in favor vote yes, opposed: no
(Roger) Will Jurian transfer ownership to the non-profit?
(Roger) yes
(Brent) yes
(Mary) yes
(Nancy) I could not transfer ownership to myself, from Jurian, though he was willing, even via the mails.
(Brent) Shirley (proxy): yes
(Nancy) yes
(Brent) The motion carries. Yes, it would be good if Jurian would transfer ownership to you Nancy.

can someone check and see when the zetatalk and/or troubled times domain names come due for renewal? I wont even pretend to know how do to that.... I think it would be great to get control of them and turn them into exactly the disinfo sites Nancy fears....

2003-Oct-02, 09:34 PM
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