View Full Version : Unusual Exoplanet Dances in Sync With Its Sun-Like Star

2008-Jul-28, 02:40 PM
The European Space Agency's COROT spacecraft has discovered an unusual exoplanet orbiting a star slightly more massive than our Sun. The planet, currently called COROT-exo-4b, is about the same size as Jupiter, and it takes 9.2 days to orbit its star. Most peculiar however, is that the planet and the star are in [...]

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2008-Jul-28, 09:43 PM
Fraser. That's really odd. I like it.

edit: Now, since the putative planet is inferred from a dip in the star's light curve occuring at 9.2 day intervals, and the rotation of the star is implied as due to starspots/sunspots rotating in and out of view.....how does one know that the dip in the light curve is not due to the starspots/sunspots, and not an exoplanet? Have they determined a dark line spectrum for the putative planet's atmosphere?. I am aware that when ole Sol has sunspots...even though they appear darker, the net output of the sun is slightly greater. :shifty:pete