View Full Version : pet peeves--unknown timezone

2008-Jul-28, 05:33 PM
I just checked a UPS tracking site for a package--ok, the exact time it departed Secaucus, NJ is probably not that important, but it reminded me of times the exact time was important. The package departed Secaucus at 14:47 today, according to the website. Well, it is now 13:31.... clearly it's a timezone issue (either that or they are speculating here). But of course, no timezone is given--in what timezone is this time?

Since it starts in Secaucus and ends in Bowie, I imagine the package stays in the Eastern timezone the whole time, but clearly they are using an unrelated timezone (perhaps wherever the billing was?). Why not put a "PDT" or "MST" or whatever after the time....

This seems to happen so often.

Well--feel free to add your pet peeves.


2008-Jul-28, 08:44 PM
I'd guess it's in UT, just like the default timestamp on BAUT.