View Full Version : The Real cause of crop circles

2003-Oct-05, 05:14 PM

2003-Oct-06, 04:13 AM

Pi Man
2003-Oct-06, 05:09 AM
It changes every day, so here (http://www.grimmy.com/images/2003/MGG100503.gif) is a link to the original picture (which I don't think will change).

I once drew a cartoon many years ago of two little green gumdrop shaped aliens who flew around in a little red spacecraft just like the ones in this cartoons. I guess I used something too generic. :D

The Supreme Canuck
2003-Oct-06, 05:18 AM
This (http://www.airforce.forces.gc.ca/grfx/equip_gallery/historic_gallery/wallpaper/thxu18.jpg) has got to be my favourite crop circle of all time.

It was made by a German farmer who wanted to thank the Canadian air force for helping to defend his country (West Germany) during the cold war.

Pi Man
2003-Oct-06, 10:00 PM
Wow! That's really cool! Thanks for posting it, TSC!