View Full Version : those scammers really get around..

2008-Aug-08, 08:56 AM
they aren't getting enough business down here, so now they are heading for Mars.

2008-Aug-08, 09:04 AM
Spirit ran one of them over a while back.

... just kept right on truckin'...

2008-Aug-08, 08:38 PM
How'd they...


2008-Aug-08, 09:35 PM
Hope Stargate Command pulled the M.A.L.P straight back through the gate and closed the iris!!!

2008-Aug-08, 11:53 PM
I got a scam email just yesterday that really made me laugh.

The spammer had obviously done a mail-merge kind of thing, with the details "known" about the recipients of the email - to try to make it look more plausible, in this case, to re-use my surname.

However, this scam/spam came to my hotmail account - on which I don't use my real name.

So in the body of the email (9/11 victim, inheritance, reply to lawyer to claim my share) I learned that the distant relative who died was "Mr Robert Mindyourownbusiness".

(Note: that's not actually my hotmail "surname", but a similar example. The "Robert" is nothing to do with me, it's the name invented by the spammer for my Uncle, or whoever.)