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Code Red
2002-Mar-20, 09:48 AM
Old episode, I know but last night on BBC2 they showed the Simpsons episode where Bart runs up a huge collect call bill to Australia, so he has to go there to apologise and the usual fun and frolics ensue...

This event was promulgated because Lisa insisted that water always goes down a plug clockwise because of the "Coreolis Effect". Bart's response was "Water goes damn well where it wants, like me, baby!"

It was gratifying to see an instance where Bart was right and Lisa the swot was wrong.

It was worth enduring this example of Bad Science to see the toilets in the US Embassy in Oz, complete with complex machinery to make sure the water flushes the "right" way....

Mr. X
2002-Mar-20, 09:01 PM
Tell me which way does it go in your secret lair? /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

The Bad Astronomer
2002-Mar-20, 09:09 PM
Heh-- one of my favorite epsiodes. I have actually been trying to edit it so I can use it in my general Bad Astronomy talks. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_wink.gif

Mr. X
2002-Mar-20, 09:27 PM
On 2002-03-20 16:09, The Bad Astronomer wrote:
Heh-- one of my favorite epsiodes. I have actually been trying to edit it so I can use it in my general Bad Astronomy talks. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_wink.gif

How do you mean?

The Bad Astronomer
2002-Mar-20, 10:31 PM
It is legal to use short clips of copyrighted materials for educational purposes. I give invited talks about things like the Moon hoax and other Bad Astro topics. I make PowerPoint multimedia presentations, with video clips, sounds and the usual sort of images.

I am putting together a talk with clips from Armageddon, Simpsons and other shows too.

Mr. X
2002-Mar-20, 10:44 PM
Oooh, funky! Well I couldn't possiblye... possibly know that!

Well you should still check with FOX, as their middle name "aggressiveness".

2003-Aug-19, 01:02 AM
What they don't know won't hurt them.

F U T U R A M A ! ! !

See? :wink:

Mr. X
2003-Aug-19, 10:02 PM
Bumping a thread a year and a half old is frowned upon on this board, and a felony in 48 states.

Let's hear it from Colonel No-no...
What is that Colonel No-no? Is that a big No-No?
His answer: [-X

Colonel No-no agrees. Bumping old threads is a big No-no.

2003-Aug-20, 10:55 PM
The Simpsons (my all time favorite show, which goes without saying for a lot of people) is generally pretty good about science, though they have mispronounced Uranus every time I think. I can only recall it being said several times, and it's not the most egregious error that can be commited, but still, since so many people watch the show it would be a good opportunity to correct this long standing pronunciation problem. Oh well, at least the show is still awesome!

2003-Aug-22, 03:31 AM
Water goes where it wants in that show, except in Antarctica, where it has the strange problem of not going anywhere and being very hard.

</got nothin'>