View Full Version : What REALLY Happened With the Plan to Nuke PX!!!!!!

2003-Oct-07, 11:38 PM
Now we learn what happened with the govt. plan to nuke PX and divert it. From a NASA scientist. no less:

Signs of the Times #332 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
Rogue Asteriod, by NASA Scientist [Oct 5] http://www.godlikeproductions.com/bbs/message.php?message=170270&topic=3 ‘The plan [Galileo buried into Jupiter] was instituted and designed to coincide with a normal space operation just in case a cover story was needed, but targeting did not work. Our new infrared satellite failed unexpectedly and we were blind. We had to depend upon the space station staff by a scientist well briefed in nuclear technology, SOHO and Houston for accurate guidance. So in late September, the cover story was released as normal into the general population, and now I am worried, because stray meteorites breaking away from the main object have been impacting Earth within the last couple of weeks.’

It's worth the time to visit ZetaTalk and see the two "Signs" preceeding this one. Naked eye sightings of PX and red sky, and observations of "strange" behaviors, such as getting the wrong order at a fast food drive-thru, and not getting a package via mail order!! Those thimgs certainly NEVER happened before PX came along.

2003-Oct-08, 12:32 AM
The zetiots must be referring to SIRTF which is in it's 90-day cooldown period.

It didn't fail contrary to the lunancy of the Nancy and her ilk. I really thought it was funny when they said Pioneer 10 and 11 were "sent" to find planet X but unfortunately malfunctioned. Yeah right, the Pioneers continue to send data past their design lifespan and they call it a malfunction



2003-Oct-09, 02:06 PM
Pioneer 10 and 11 were a failure because they didn't spot Planet X.....

Space big, Planext X big and glowing, cameras small,

Brain hurting now, Mellow brain no well sense function without