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2008-Aug-24, 12:25 PM
Dear All,

I'm new on this forum and I would like to share my pictures here. I'm a professional astrophysicist and I arived to this job because of my passion in astronomy since childhood. After many years, I've been able to use a number of telescopes and instruments, including those in professional observatories.

But I still like to run my own observatory, for doing both research and pretty pictures.

Below you can find a picture I did with Valentina Romeo, using the instruments of our project, the Virtual Telescope. It shows the wonderful "Ring Nebula", M57 in Lyra. Below is a cropped image, while you can see the original version on our gallery, here:


I'm happy to share with you the wonders of the Universe!

Gianluca Masi

2008-Aug-25, 04:41 AM
Hi Gianluca, And Welcome Aboard!. Very informative services at your site and some beautiful images. M57 is simply beautiful, Welldone and Clear Skies.

2008-Aug-25, 08:16 AM
Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your post and images.

2008-Aug-25, 11:45 PM
Thank you to both of you for your kind greetings!

i'm looking forward to enjoy discussing about our common passion.


paul f. campbell
2008-Aug-26, 01:17 AM
Hi Gianluca.
Welcome to this forum, and as Efrain said in not so many words wicked site. Great stuff thanks. Clear skies to you. Paul

2008-Aug-26, 03:06 PM
ciao Gianluca,

welcome to the group!
your introduction-image is most impressive!
some subtile structures within the nebula are very clearly visible.
I have also had some attempts in imaging this nebula, and this one turned out to my most representable result.

I tried to figure out which telescoipe you use, whenI visited your website.
but I had some browser-issues there - the image displaying the scope bounced.
can you share some data on the image with us please?
also, I am sure all guys here would be most interested in learnign about the peculiar field you are ebgaed in professional occupation as astrophysicist.

2008-Aug-26, 05:22 PM
Dear Paul and Dietmar,

thank you so much for the friendly greetings and for looking at the image/website.

The M57 image is the average of 45 images, each with an integration of 60-seconds. No filters, no autoguiding. seeing was 1.5".

C14@f/9.3, Paramount ME, SBIG ST8-XME. Image scale: 0.57"/pixel.

You can learn more about the setup here:


As for my professional interests, I'm mainly involved in near-Earth Objects, variable stars and exoplanets. Those fields are also very promising for amateurs as well, thanks to modern technology.

I also work as Curator of Science at the Planetarium of Rome.

All the best from Italy,