View Full Version : NASA Security Badges are a Health and Safety Risk

2008-Aug-28, 02:40 AM
Of all the things that could possibly go wrong for the US space agency, you wouldn't expect the security ID badge holder of NASA employees to rank very high on the list of "risks." Unfortunately, the new high-tech security badge holders recently issued to NASA employees have been identified as having a fairly problematic health [...]

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2008-Aug-28, 04:55 AM
Is this really an unacceptable risk factor? One could draw similar conclusions about clothes pins, paper clamps and tie tacks; not to mention wreet wreets and crunchies. In areas where foreign objects are a concern, any badging system can cause problems. But when dressing for the office, there will always be dangers.

2008-Aug-29, 06:22 AM
<makes obvious 'dressed to kill' remark>