View Full Version : Are you happy with your station in life?

2003-Oct-10, 03:42 PM
Are you happy with your station in life?

2003-Oct-10, 04:31 PM
Are you happy with your station in life?

Its not really relevent; our local rail line shut down passenger traffic years ago and is now freight only. Our local station is just an administrative center. It could do with a new coat of paint though.

2003-Oct-10, 04:56 PM
I'm undecided. To get home, I take Central Trains from University station to Birmingham New Street and then take Virgin trains to Watford Junctions. But the Central train stops at Fiveways on the way to New Street. I'm not sure if my accomodation isn't actually closer to Fiveways.

2003-Oct-10, 05:06 PM
I take the car.

Guess I'm lucky to have one, so I should be happy with my life :D


2003-Oct-10, 09:07 PM
The only real reliable trains in florida are the ones that are a mile long and only cross your path when you need to get somewhere.

2003-Oct-10, 09:56 PM
No trains here. :(

Mr. X
2003-Oct-10, 11:48 PM
The only real reliable trains in florida are the ones that are a mile long and only cross your path when you need to get somewhere.
I can picture the schedule of these trains... "No departure until someone is going to be late".

And why the devil do these cross the road at 1 mile per hour? It seems that when YOU have someplace to go to, THEY DON'T.

Everyone loves these days... you have an accident, a flat tire, a breakdown AND the train the same day. And then, when you thought things couldn't get worse, the city bus splatters some poor sap and then rams a car, which causes your road to be closed, forces you to make a 35 mile detour AND makes for some seriously massive traffic. :evil:

And when the old son of a starts honking from his sport Lexus behind you you just step out of your car, beat the living daylights out of him, throw him out and score yourself a brand new car to make up for this craptastic day. :evil:

Pi Man
2003-Oct-11, 02:47 AM
Right now, I'm really enjoying my station in life. Of course it could be better. It could always be better. All I would change is the number of hours in a day! (and the number of hours I could stay up without *any* sleep.)

2003-Oct-11, 04:04 AM
Around here, I like 89.3

Mr. X
2003-Oct-11, 04:09 AM
Around here, I like 89.3
That one is SO lame! It sounds like people choking kittens! Not that I am not an adept of kitten strangulation, but that one is just bad. :P

BTW good answer to the question. :D

2003-Oct-11, 04:12 AM
106.9 80's station :-) my favorite currently.

That and i just finished the latest Tom Clancy book.

2005-Nov-04, 03:35 AM
Things can always be better, like my team winning a flag for once (ok, another one would be the second) in its history!

107.5 is the station to listen to here in Melbourne.


Big Brother Dunk
2005-Nov-04, 05:01 AM
Banquo, sometimes it's tough to get a straight answer.:lol:

And I'm very happy with my life.http://www.websmileys.com/sm/fingers/fing32.gif

2005-Nov-04, 07:10 AM
Other than being divorced and an occasional hurricane, I have nothing to complain about.

Great job, Great kids what more could I ask for.

2005-Nov-04, 02:03 PM
I voted very happy, which is the truth. But I also feel that things could be better, and even though I am happy with this "station" I have no intentions of keeping it like this until I die. You should always have something more to reach for!

2005-Nov-04, 02:33 PM
Well, the station is next door. It's less than five years old and appears to be well built, although the roof is a little tacky. The RCMP over there are pretty sharp, although we apparently caught them flat-footed (pun intended) when that "mysterious powder" thing happened a month ago. Should that sort of situation ever happen again in my little corner of the country, they'll be much better prepared to handle it.

I'd say "very happy" for the most part, although "love of my life" might be a little strong.

2005-Nov-04, 07:29 PM
It's better than it was a few days ago. (I have to take two buses to get to my station, but it's really pretty.) I'll get back to you after I start the meds; it'll probably take a while to get the right medication in the right dosage, so I'll probably feeling that my life is poo for a while afterward.

paulie jay
2005-Nov-05, 03:53 AM
Life is just grand. Sure, I could do with a few million more dollars but I'm not the Lone Ranger there.

2005-Nov-05, 10:00 PM
who needs a station? I'm on this train til it leaves the rails!


Glad I just visited New Orleans for a week after Katrina. Living elsewhere is definately better.

Paul Beardsley
2005-Nov-05, 10:02 PM
I'm married to someone with whom I can have intelligent conversations, who makes me laugh so much that it sometimes gets dangerous, and whom I generally like to spend time with. We both get obsessed about the same books, the same TV series, the same films and the same video games. Not always, but often enough. We can communicate complicated messages to each other just by raising an eyebrow or using a single word. And did I mention her cooking?

She's great at her job and brings in a good income. I've had my ups and downs jobwise, but a couple of months ago I got myself a job that a) is worthwhile, b) pays reasonably well and c) is reasonably secure. I teach numeracy and literacy to local young people who are trying to get into employment, and English language to overseas learners, most of whom are refugees from oppresive regimes who have been victims of torture and/or seen their families butchered. These refugees, btw, are some of the best people I've ever met - they work hard, they are polite and friendly, and they have a great sense of humour. They ENJOY my lessons - and I find that somewhat humbling.

Both my parents are in good health, as is my brother. I get on really well with my brother's wife, and their daughters (aged 6 and 9).

I've had several short stories and one novel published.

Oh, and I live 7 minutes walk from the nearest train station, and my job is one minute's walk from the other station which is 20 minutes journey away. I get to work half an hour early without even trying.

Life is the best it has been for a long time.

2005-Nov-05, 10:46 PM


I do have the good luck to live between the UP and the BNSF - about a mile from either.. easy bike ride, even with my camera.

Married 23 years to the same woman who's only fault is brain damage (she's still married to me, after all)

I work a block from the local light rail (cross between railroad and trolly, legally)

Never had a story published, but did used to contribute regularly to a magazine (small Apple based thingie)

And I, too, love my job. I better, I created it (a friend and I own a small telecommunications company)

Finally, despite what I tell them, my boys are pretty darn cool.


Just had to share, and it's cheaper than Jello